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Chianti Classico 

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The Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Fattoria la Ripa, is produced using selected grapes from the vineyards of the property situated at approx. 400m (above sea level). These vineyards are named La Leccia, La Fonte, La Mandria, La Stalla and La Volpaia, on low-fertile terrain, which has a framework of Galestro and Alberese stone,  with a pH of approx. 8 and carbonates in excess of 40%.

The vineyards are nurtured using the Guyot system and have a density of roughly 4000 plants per hectare. The maximum production per hectare is 7000 kg. of grapes.

The vinification process is of the traditional method, with tumultuous fermentation accompanied by numerous “délestages” and is followed by the traditional “Governo” in the Tuscan style and by the Malo-lactic fermentation. The ageing process takes place in oak casks and the refinement in bottle.